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First remove the headlight assembly and the bolts, nut and the washers attaching the outer fairing piece to the windshield and inner fairing piece. THEN loosen the four bolts attaching the light bracket and the outer fairing piece to the fork brackets. Remove the upper bolts but leave the lower ones in place. Cover the fender. Witcher 3 enriched dimeritium recipe

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4. Remove gauge from inner fairing. See Section 2.27 UPPER FAIRING/WINDSHIELD. INSTALLATION. 1. Install gauge in inner fairing. 2. Slide mounting bracket over studs. Verify that tab on. bracket engages slot at bottom of inner fairing bore. See. Figure 8-98. 3. Loosely install hex nuts on studs. Verify that gauge is. properly aligned and then ... Questions on Removing inner fairing Electra Glide 08-28-2012, 01:07 PM Hey all, had a question, and thought I'd look for some help before I got myself in over my head.

THEN remove the fairing by pulling it straight ahead away from the brackets. Installation First loosely position the outer fairing in place over the inner faring with the four studs going into the two brackets. Then install the five windshield fasteners through the outer fairing, the windshield and the inner fairing. Just a quick email. I received my fairing today 10/15, 2 days before the shipping date on the sales order. Open the box the fit and finish is perfect the paint is a spot on match! I installed the faring today and wired it up in less than 2 hours. I couldn’t be more pleased. Road around for a few hours the sound is awesome.

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